Canadian hydrogen economy begins with growing awareness efforts

Canadian hydrogen economy begins with growing awareness efforts

March 11, 2021 0 By Julie Campbell

The country is seeking more mainstream adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Canada has created its plan to grow a domestic hydrogen economy and now seeks to ensure that education and awareness promote the benefits of this renewable energy.

The country is seeking to slash its emissions in sectors such as transport while creating economic and environmental benefits.

The purpose of developing the hydrogen economy includes recovery from the pandemic, but it will also play a central role in the country’s net-zero targets. The Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O-Regan Jr. recently announced $46,000 in funding for the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA).

Those funds are meant for the promotion of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). It will also help to educate Canadians about the benefits of FCEVs, such as short refuelling times when compared to battery electric vehicles, and zero-emission transportation for busing, trucking and other industries.

The goal of the new funds is to boost public knowledge about the advantages of a hydrogen economy.

The idea is to share this knowledge across the municipal sector, providing Canadian jurisdictions with the understanding they need to reduce the transportation sector’s emissions output. The CHFCA is hoping to accelerate FCEV adoption in both government and private sector fleets through awareness of their benefits. In this way, it will become more commonplace to see the vehicles on Canadian roads and will further encourage their adoption to a wider degree.

The Natural Resources Canada’ federal funding for the education and awareness effort came from the ministry’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative. It is a step toward the federal government’s 2040 target for achieving 100 percent zero-emission passenger vehicle sales. This most recent addition to the CHFCA’s funding brings its total funding amount to $121,000.

This recent funding announcement for hydrogen economy awareness aligns with the Government of Canada’s existing programs meant to accelerate zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) deployment. This includes the $600 million spent on electric vehicle and alternative fuel infrastructure deployment. Hydrogen economy - Image of Downtown TorontoThose funds have brought about eight hydrogen refueling station installations to date. The government is also providing up to $5,000 in ZEV purchasing incentives to encourage Canadians to buy.

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