5MW Containerized Hydrogen Electrolyzer contributes to the popularization of “Green Hydrogen”

5MW Containerized Hydrogen Electrolyzer contributes to the popularization of “Green Hydrogen”

September 19, 2022 1 By Press Release

Nowadays, green hydrogen is becoming the focus of the global renewable energy industry.

By the end of 2020, there were approximately 70 green hydrogen projects under construction around the world, including more than 20 GW-level projects. Last year, Europe released a milestone strategy to support the development of green hydrogen, proposed a development goal of building 6GW of electrolytic green hydrogen capacity by 2024 and nearly 40GW of electrolytic green hydrogen capacity by 2030.

Green Hydrogen

As a product of the times and energy needs, the emergence of the Verde 5MW containerized single-stack hydrogen electrolyzer has contributed to the popularization of “green hydrogen”. The system features advanced water electrolysis hydrogen production patented technology with a total footprint of only 2 of 30ft containers and 1 of 40ft container. It can be modularized to 20MW, 500MW, or larger module scales. With a 1000Nm3/h (2000kg/day) hydrogen capacity, purity can reach 99.999% after purification, and the maximum output pressure is 1.6MPa. The 5MW base module, compared with the previous smaller module, greatly enhances the economic benefit and efficiency of green hydrogen projects.

The entire system only takes about 2-3 weeks to be installed, which is 80% less than traditional hydrogen plants, reducing the initial investment and labor cost. Moreover, the unique modular design with fully automatic control ensures lower energy consumption, optimized intelligence and integration, and higher safety when compared to traditional equipment/systems. The containerized design ensures the products can work in a variety of harsh and unstable environments.

5MW Containerized Hydrogen Electrolyzer

The successful development and production of the system by Verde LLC is the result of the combination of the US leading both the technological progress and industrial development trend. It is also a breakthrough in promoting the development of the global hydrogen energy industry. 


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