Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars vs Battery Powered Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars vs Battery Powered Cars

May 9, 2011 0 By Dan Holguin

There is a lot of excitement regarding electric vs hydrogen fuel cell cars…

these days, so much so that many are hailing battery powered cars as the answer to the world’s addiction to oil.

Nissan has certainly had success with their Leaf model, proving that the electric cars of yesteryear are a far cry from what is possible today in terms of performance and efficiency. While Nissan isn’t alone in their support for batteries, the vast majority of car manufacturers are rising in support of hydrogen.

In reality, fuel cells and batteries are two sides of the same coin. Technically, they both work differently, but the end result is the same. Hydrogen, however, is capable of performing just as well as oil and outstrips the abilities of the battery. This simple fact makes hydrogen a popular alternative for an industry that is increasingly environmentally conscious but still wants powerful vehicles.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars vs electric cars

In 2005, an article in Scientific American suggested that auto executives held hydrogen fuel cells in such high regard that they considered no other alternative fuel as a viable option in the long run.

That same year, the International Energy Agency released a report says that more than 30% of the world’s vehicles – more than 700 million at the time – could be using fuel cells by as late as 2050. Manufacturers say that fuel cells are ready to be used as early as 2015.


There are still a number of challenges standing in the way of hydrogen fuel cells, namely the cost of production and feeble infrastructure. Many nations recognize the need to break away from oil, which has translated into the adoption of battery powered cars. These vehicles may be a transition point through which the world sees that oil is not the only thing that can fuel transportation.

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