Hydrogen fuel cell company invests in Waste2Tricity

October 14, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

Hydrogen fuel cell developer backs Waste2Tricity

AFC Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has participated in Waste2Tricity’s latest round of funding. Waste2Tricity is a company that specializes in developing technology that can derive electrical power from waste products. AFC Energy holds a 23% stake in the company and has shown a great deal of support for the technologies that it has developed over the years. AFC Energy has invested approximately $60,000 in the latest round of funding.

Waste may be a valuable energy resource

Waste2Tricity focuses on a largely untapped energy source. Waste is a product of life throughout the world and as the global population continues to climb, more waste is being produced on a daily basis. Much of this waste is stored at landfills throughout the world where it rots away and releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Waste2Tricity has been working to demonstrate the energy properties of waste for the past few years and has been doing quite well in this endeavor. Using waste to produce electrical power could help alleviate the strain being put on conventional fuels as well as mitigate the environmental problems that over abundant waste represents.

Hydrogen Fuel - AFC EnergyFunds will help Waste2Tricity continue development on various projects

Backed by the funds acquired through its latest round of funding, Waste2Tricity will work to continue development of its various ongoing projects. The company will also seek out new opportunities to put AFC Energy’s hydrogen fuel cells to use in such projects. Hydrogen fuel cells have become popular in the field of waste-based electricity because hydrogen can be derived from the methane produced in landfills. Hydrogen fuel itself has become a prominent form of renewable energy and has managed to gain support in a wide range of industries.

Company helps mitigate impact of waste in the UK

Waste2Tricity is based in the United Kingdom. The company has helped mitigate the environmental impact of the waste generated by the country for some time and is looking to expand its efforts and showcase the benefits that can be attained through focusing on an untapped source of energy. The company’s latest round of funding is likely to help it achieve its goals to some extent.

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