AFC Energy makes a breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cell technology

AFC Energy makes a breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cell technology

May 7, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

Hydrogen Fuel cell breakthrough

Hydrogen fuel cells may be verging on commercialization

AFC Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, is moving closer to achieving its goal of commercialization. The fuel cell industry has long pursued commercialization but this goal has been somewhat elusive over the years due to the costs associated with fuel cells and general lack of interest in many markets. AFC Energy is one of the few companies in the fuel cell industry that is on the verge of achieving commercialization and this progress has taken a significant amount of innovation and aggression in the market.

Breakthrough expected to make fuel cells less expensive

Scientists and engineers with AFC Energy has have made a major breakthrough in fuel cell technology. Researchers have found a way to extend the lifetime of the electrodes that are used in hydrogen fuel cells, effectively boosting their life beyond the conventional nine month period. This will allow the company’s fuel cells to operate for longer periods of time before needing maintenance. AFC Energy notes that the breakthrough is a major step in making hydrogen fuel more cost effective.

Cost may be a problem of the past

Cost has been a major challenge for the fuel cell industry for some time. Fuel cell development is a costly process due to the expensive materials that are used by these energy systems. These costs are transferred to consumers so as to ensure that fuel cell developers have the ability to generate profit. Finding low-cost materials that can be used in fuel cells has been a goal for much of the fuel cell industry in recent years, but developing low-cost hydrogen fuel cells have proven to be a somewhat troublesome and slow going endeavor.

AFC Energy believes it is ready for commercialization

AFC Energy claims that its breakthrough will finally make its hydrogen fuel cells commercially viable. The company plans for its first major fuel cell installation that includes all of its recent technological breakthroughs to take place at a facility owned by Industrial Chemicals Limited, a leading chemical group based in the United Kingdom. This will allow AFC Energy an ideal testing ground for its new generation of hydrogen fuel cells while also providing Industrial Chemicals Limited the continuous supply of energy it needs to operate.

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