Hydrogen fuel cell maker teams with India’s Microqual Techno

March 24, 2014 0 By Tami Hood

Microqual Techno and Intelligent Energy announce partnership

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Telecommunications Industry IndiaMicroqual Techno, a company specializing in telecommunications infrastructure based in India, has partnered with Intelligent Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells. Through this partnership, Intelligent Energy will provide fuel cell energy systems to telecommunications towers being operated by Microqual Techno. These energy systems will help power the telecom towers, boosting the reliability of the wireless network infrastructure in many parts of India. The partnership is also meant to improve Microqual Techno’s appeal to the Power Grid Corporation, which is offering contacts to install telecommunications equipment in four Indian states.

Fuel cells continue to gain support in the telecommunications industry

Fuel cells have become quite popular in the telecommunications sector. The need for reliable wireless networks is growing as consumers become more reliant on mobile technology. As networks continue to expand, new towers are being built in remote locations. These towers are meant to expand the reach of wireless networks, but because they are located in remote areas, their access to electrical power is not always reliable. Fuel cells could provide a solution to this problem, and many telecommunications companies have begun using these energy systems as primary power providers rather than for backup energy.

Intelligent Energy to deliver fuel cells in the coming months

Intelligent Energy will deliver its fuel cell systems to all of Microqual Techno’s network towers. The company will be responsible for the installation and continued maintenance of these fuel cell systems as well. Microqual Techno must find organizations that are willing to make use of its towers in the meantime. Currently, Reliance Jio Infocomm and Vodafone have expressed interest in making use of the company’s network towers.

Hydrogen may be a more cost effective alternative to diesel

Fuel cells are becoming a popular alternative to the telecom industry’s use of diesel generators. India’s telecom industry currently loses approximately 20% of its diesel supply due to theft. People often trek up to network towers and steal diesel fuel, either to use it for energy or to sell it later. The use of hydrogen may help mitigate the costs associated with diesel theft.

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