Hyundai Xcient hydrogen fuel cell trucks have driven 3M miles on Swiss roads

Hyundai Xcient hydrogen fuel cell trucks have driven 3M miles on Swiss roads

November 8, 2022 3 By John Max

In Switzerland, the 47 heavy-duty vehicles averaged 248 miles per full charge in real world tests.

Hyundai Motor Company’s tests of hydrogen fuel cell trucks in Switzerland has now logged over 3 million miles from use by 23 companies using the vehicles for logistics, fulfillment and distribution purposes.

The test of the Xcient zero-emission vehicles began when they arrived in the country in 2020.

Hyundai’s test of the 47 Xcient hydrogen fuel cell trucks started back in 2020, and the zero-emission vehicles have been used for real world tasks in Switzerland since that time.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks - Hyundai Xcient - 2014

“Xcient Fuel Cell is the world’s first heavy-duty fuel cell truck to achieve 5 million km (3.1 millionhydrogen fuel cell news free ebook miles) of cumulative driving in real-life customer operations,” said Hyundai senior vice president and head of commercial vehicle business innovation Mark Freymueller. “The experience we’ve gained and the milestone we’ve achieved in Switzerland will provide good insights to many countries that are preparing to transition to a sustainable hydrogen society.”

Freymueller went on to point out that “Based on this proven track record of successful operation in Switzerland, we’ll expand this business throughout Europe.”

The planning for testing the hydrogen fuel cell trucks started in 2019 with the creation of HHM.

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM) was established by Hyundai Motor in 2019 as a component of a partnership with the H2 Energy company from Switzerland. That latter company has a partnership with the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association, which has a focus on building an H2 fueling network, and is also an Xcient customer. The partnership also extends to Hydrospider, a green H2 production company.

The automaker’s role in the development of heavy-duty vehicles that operate carbon emission-free has been critical for organically bringing together vehicle supply, clean H2 production, and refueling.

The Hyundai Xcient hydrogen fuel cell trucks are equipped with a 180-kilowatt system with two 90-kilowatt stacks. The overall fuel efficiency of the vehicles and the durability of the system are designed to alight with the requirements and expectations of commercial fleet customers. Each vehicle is outfitted with seven large H2 tanks for a combined 31-kilogram fuel storage capacity.

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