Japan’s first hydrogen fuel cell hybrid passenger ship gets its H2 system

Japan’s first hydrogen fuel cell hybrid passenger ship gets its H2 system

November 21, 2023 0 By Hydrogen Fuel News

The Hanaria will soon be equipped with the Yanmar system that was recently delivered.

Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd subsidiary Yanmar Power Technology Co., Ltd has announced that it has now made its first hydrogen fuel cell delivery for a commercial maritime passenger ship system.

The Yanmar H2 system was first unveiled back in August and will now be installed in the vessel.

The hydrogen fuel cell system from Yanmar was supplied to the Hanaria passenger ship. That vessel is operated by the Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (and other investors) -backed Motena-Sea.

Not only is this the delivery of Yanmar’s first system of this nature, but it will also be installed in the first hybrid passenger ship in Japan. The Hanaria will be powered by both H2 and biodiesel, and is being deemed a substantial move forward in decarbonization in transportation.

The Hanaria will operate with an electric propulsion system onboard, which will provide the ship’s drive with power through electricity it generates itself. Yanmar PT took the lead of the comprehensive power system design on the vessel by bringing together a power management system, remote monitoring, propulsion equipment, batteries, biodiesel generators, two hydrogen fuel cells, as well as other components.

The vessel can operate at zero emissions on its hydrogen fuel cell system and batteries exclusively.

Though this is still considered to be a low-carbon vessel due to its biodiesel portion of the hybrid system, it is able to operate exclusively on its H2 system and electric batteries. When this is the case, the ship operates without any carbon emissions.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell - Image Showing Installation to Ship - Image Credit - Yanmar

Image Showing Installation to Ship – Image Credit: Yanmar

Beyond air pollution, operating using this propulsion system will also help to reduce noise due to the decrease in power source vibrations. Furthermore, it will eliminate on the odors from the exhaust, as the only emissions produced by the H2 system are in the form of water. In this way, the experience for passengers is also expected to improve while the vessel is in operation.

Reaching goals

hydrogen news ebookThe installation of the hybrid biodiesel and hydrogen fuel cell system is a component of Yanmar Group’s advancement within its Yanmar Green Challenge 2050, in which it is working to support the realization of a sustainable society. Yanmar PT’s intention is to keep providing commercial customers with the decarbonization solutions they require to meet their own goals.

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