Hydrogen fuel finds more support in Japan

July 3, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

Japanese government intends to establish a hydrogen society

Hydrogen fuel is gaining more support in Japan. The Japanese government has plans to establish a hydrogen society, which is one whose primary energy source is hydrogen and fuel cells. Efforts to form such a society have already begun in within the auto industry, where several companies have begun working together to promote clean transportation and the adoption of fuel cell vehicles. Toyota, Nissan, and Honda have big plans when it comes to fuel cell vehicles and these companies are investing quite heavily in the development of a working hydrogen fuel infrastructure.

Japan’s hydrogen infrastructure is growing quickly

Japan is home to one of the most expansive hydrogen infrastructures in the world. There are only 23 hydrogen stations currently open to the public, but this is more than the number of stations that have opened in other prominent markets. Several hundred fuel stations are currently in early stages of development, which places Japan significantly ahead of other countries when it comes to building a hydrogen infrastructure.

Automakers pledge to fund the development and maintenance of hydrogen fuel stations

Japan - Hydrogen Fuel SupportTogether, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda have pledged some $90,000 per hydrogen station per year. This funding will help develop the stations as well as maintain them. The stations are also being supported by government subsidies. Japan has begun concentrating its support of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure in order to prepare for the 2020 Olympic Games, which will be hosted in Tokyo. Japan has a somewhat ambitious plan for the Olympic Games, which will require a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure in order to become a reality.

Olympic Village to be powered entirely by hydrogen fuel cells in order to showcase the capabilities of new technology

The Japanese government intends to build the world’s first Olympic Village that is completely powered by hydrogen fuel. Japan intends to showcase how fuel cells can be used as primary power systems. After the Olympic Games are completed, Japan intends to convert the Olympic Village into a real town that derives power from the renewable energy systems that the Japanese government has established.

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