Hydrogen fuel research wins more support from the Department of Energy

Hydrogen fuel research wins more support from the Department of Energy

April 20, 2018 0 By Alicia Moore

Agency to offer $39 million in new funding to support research and development

The U.S. Department of Energy is set to provide some $39 million to support the research and development of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The federal agency believes that research will be vital to addressing the current challenges that fuel cells face. The funding will also aid in research focused on hydrogen production, distribution, and storage. Such research could help hasten the development of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure in many parts of the country.

ElectroCat project aims to use a platinum-free catalyst to power a fuel cell

One of the projects that is expected to receive support through the new funding is called ElectroCat. This project involves using a platinum-free catalyst as part of a fuel cell system. Currently catalysts made of platinum account for approximately 50% of the cost of fuel cells. By removing the need for platinum, developers believe that fuel cells will become considerably less expensive and more attractive to consumers and businesses alike.

H2@Scale will investigate hydrogen fuel production

Another project that will receive funding is called H2@Scale. This project involves investigating the potential of wide-scale hydrogen fuel production. The project will examine various aspects of production, including what type of energy is used to produce hydrogen as well as how this hydrogen is used as part of a fueling infrastructure. This particular project could have a significant impact on the future of clean transportation, as it could help in the development of new infrastructure efforts. Vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel would benefit from such efforts.

Agency believes that fuel cells will have a positive impact on the economy

The Department of Agency believes that showing greater support for hydrogen fuel could have a major impact on the nation’s economy. New hydrogen-based projects, particularly those focused on infrastructure, could create thousands of new jobs. Greater access to hydrogen and fuel cell technology could also help various industries become more environmentally friendly, allowing them to abandon fossil-fuels. As research efforts continue, the U.S. is looking to make itself a leading market for fuel cells and hydrogen.

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