Landi Renzo acquires Metatron in substantial hydrogen mobility move

Landi Renzo acquires Metatron in substantial hydrogen mobility move

August 11, 2021 0 By Tami Hood

The company will be supplying systems and components for this portion of the H2 sector.

Italian automaker Landi Renzo (BIT stock symbol LR) has just acquired Metatron for €26.6 million, in a move that will have the company supplying hydrogen mobility systems and components.

The company is aiming to place itself at the head of this sector for both natural gas and H2.

Landi Renzo’s acquisition of Metatron is a part of the company’s strategy to take a leadership position at the head of supply systems and components for mid- and heavy-duty applications in natural gas and hydrogen mobility. This new acquisition will play an important role in this strategy, as Metatron has a specialization in that particular sector of the market.

Having invested heavily in the purchase of the specialized H2 company, Landi Renzo is aiming to climb to a position in which it will be a meaningful player in H2. The automaker has recognized the importance that emission-free fuel will be playing as transportation is decarbonized in Italy, Europe, and worldwide.

Metatron is already a supplier for natural gas and hydrogen mobility in European and Chinese markets.

Metatron is a company supplying gas and H2 mobility components, with specific focus in the mid- and heavy-duty segments. It is currently a suppler in Europe as well as in China, where substantial moves are being made to implement and adopt H2 as an emission-free fuel. That said, both of those regions have massive potential for growing the use of H2 in transportation. As an increasingly lucrative market, Landi Renzo is seeking to take it on and expand operations globally.

“We are very pleased to have signed this important agreement with Metatron, with whom we share not only our local identity but also strong technical and technological expertise in systems for alternative fuel mobility and a broad-based presence at the international level,” said Landi Renzo chair Stefano Landi when discussing its acquisition and the moves it is making into the hydrogen mobility market. “We welcome into our Group a company that has always had a leading position in its sector, with a broad, innovative product portfolio and top-tier management.”Hydrogen mobility - Help stop litter trash and clean up

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