Scottish hydrogen mobility gets ULEMCO support after major funding round

Scottish hydrogen mobility gets ULEMCO support after major funding round

April 22, 2021 0 By Erin Kilgore

The company will be rolling out its H2 solutions and this is expected to speed up Scotland’s transition.

Following a major funding round, ULEMCO will be rolling out its hydrogen mobility solutions to give Scotland’s transition to H2 a substantial boost.

The funding round closed at nearly £500,000 ($652,000) and the news was confirmed shortly after.

The company confirmed its rollout intentions and the success of its funding round at the start of this week. ULEMCo officially confirmed that the Equity Gap and Scottish Enterprise joint equity investment had been made. Naturally, the company was pleased with this investment, which has set it up for a smoother hydrogen mobility solutions rollout.

The plan is to expand its capability for supporting Scottish customers. This market has significant appeal due to the high demand for renewable energy solutions such as H2.

Both the private and public sector have been actively investigating hydrogen mobility solutions.

“Our customers such as Aberdeen City Council and other public sector fleet operators in Scotland have been important in our recent rapid growth,” said ULEMCo Managing Director Amanda Lyne. “This investment will give us extra resources to widen our offer and provide immediate practical routes to using green hydrogen as a transport fuel, something we know the Scottish Government and its communities really understand.”

Lyne also pointed out that by moving now to establish demand for H2 renewable energy, investors can look into the viability of the construction of a hydrogen infrastructure for energy without emissions. “Creating demand for the use of hydrogen fuel now, enables investors to make the case for building a hydrogen infrastructure to deliver net zero emissions,” she said.

Cleaner mobility, such as that provided by hydrogen mobility solutions, are a rapidly growing opportunity in Scotland as the UK country works to meet its climate targets.

“There is a strong call for cleaner mobility in Scotland,” pointed out Equity Gap Director Fraser Lusty, only further underscoring the opportunity for hydrogen mobility there. “ULEMCo’s approach enables Hydrogen mobility - Funding - 5 British Pound Noterapid deployment of hydrogen across utility fleets in the short term, and we believe it presents an ideal opportunity for our investors to support this important drive for cleaner air in our cities.”

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