First hydrogen outboard for recreational boat unveiled in Miami

First hydrogen outboard for recreational boat unveiled in Miami

February 19, 2024 0 By Hydrogen Fuel News

The hydrogen fuel system was developed by Yamaha and Roush.

Yamaha and Roush have teamed up to develop the first hydrogen outboard for recreational boats and unveiled the hydrogen-powered propulsion system at the Miami International Boat Show, which wrapped up yesterday.

The companies will test the prototype for viability.

The next step for the companies is to further refine the hydrogen outboard prototype and make it ready for testing later this summer. The purpose of the test is to examine the viability of the prototype on water.

A collaboration with long-time boat builder partner Regulator Marine will help Yamaha and Roush carry out their viability tests, as Regulator Marine has built a boat ideally suited to test the prototype outboard.

A boat that can accommodate the new hydrogen outboard.

The boat built by Regulator Marine features a hull based on the 26XO. The hull was modified to accommodate the hydrogen tanks needed to power the hydrogen outboard.

Yamaha Hydrogen Outboard Prototype - 160f_1 - Image Source - Yamaha

Yamaha Hydrogen Outboard Prototype
– Image source: Yamaha

Together, all three companies showed off the boat hull, fuel system and outboard at the Miami International Boat Show to demonstrate how hydrogen could work as a potential fuel source in a marine environment.

The H2 outboard is part of Yamaha’s carbon neutrality strategy.

The hydrogen outboard, a project first introduced by Yamaha back in December 2023, is part of Yamaha’s strategy to achieve carbon neutrality, by deploying a variety of technology solutions.  

“Yamaha is exploring all possibilities to achieve carbon neutrality, and we’ve made commitments for our operations to be carbon neutral by 2035 and our products to become carbon neutral by 2050,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit.
“That goal within the marine market can only be reached through an approach that leverages multiple solutions. We believe hydrogen is a viable method of achieving these goals,” Speciale added.

Carbon neutrality beyond the hydrogen outboard.

hydrogen news ebookAside from the unveiling of its new hydrogen outboard prototype, Yamaha has been working on other ways to achieve its carbon neutrality goal via multiple tech approaches. Recently, the company announced that it plans to acquire all shares of Torqeedo, an electric outboard company. Yamaha also promotes sustainable fuel use within internal combustion outboard engines as a cleaner alternative.

As for hydrogen and the marine industry, Speciale said that “Yamaha wants to be a leader in this space, and we encourage others in the marine industry to become involved as we look for ways to build infrastructure and new policy around innovations.”  

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