“A Gamechanger in the Fight Against Climate Change” Revolutionary, Emissions-Free, Hydrogen-Powered Generator Unveiled by British Inventor

“A Gamechanger in the Fight Against Climate Change” Revolutionary, Emissions-Free, Hydrogen-Powered Generator Unveiled by British Inventor

August 3, 2022 3 By Press Release
  • A game-changer in transport sustainability, BERROW-ZEICE has today been revealed – a  completely zero-emissions hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine  
  • The revolutionary patent-pending technology will allow any internal combustion engine in a  current road vehicle to be converted into zero-emissions removing the additional carbon footprint from the creation of new electric vehicles or power generators 
  • Invented by British inventor and bio-fuel expert Steve Berrow, BERROW-ZEICE can convert  petrol and diesel engines within a day ending harmful emissions from road vehicles  BERROW-ZEICE is looking for investors passionate about hydrogen transition and would  welcome interested parties to inspect the tech for themselves – contact details are at the  bottom of this press release

Today a British inventor unveiled the revolutionary ‘BERROW-ZEICE’ zero-emissions internal combustion engine which will prove to be a global game-changer in the fight for clean air and climate change.

The invention is a hydrogen-powered fuel system which takes in no air and delivers no exhaust  resulting in zero emissions. The potential is that it could fit more than 2 billion internal combustion engines that are in the world today by simply converting them to emissions-free. 

Current emissions-free vehicles either run on lithium batteries or hydrogen cells, the downside of both  being the environmental impact of building new automobiles. Other downsides include the newfound  battery “electric stress” and the eye-watering cost of hydrogen cells for the consumer.  

BERROW-ZEICE delivers 100% fuel burn with zero emissions, delivering efficiency for drivers and a  potentially world-changing reduction in carbon emissions, and the innovation can be adapted to any  engine – petrol or diesel, big or small.  

hydrogen-powered generator

Inventor Steve Berrow said: “This is truly a global gamechanger for the fight against climate change  and I’m so excited by my innovation because, I know that it works, I know how it works and why it  works”. 

“Our technology can, if adopted, reduce the damaging impact of toxic emissions and have a significant positive impact on public health and the environment at large. This unique system has no air intake and no exhaust and to see the engine effortlessly spinning at 2000 rpm for hours on end and only  emitting a small amount of water is absolutely amazing.” 

“Imagine a building site or motorway construction, a rail side or tunnel development, an outside event  or backup power generators for hospitals, supermarkets, businesses and in fact any mission-critical  service, they all have a need and use for power generators. This is either to be the main source of  power or backup to a principal power source. All of them currently pump out into the atmosphere  harmful toxic gas emissions – some 24 hours a day, some on-demand or supporting other power  supplies.

Whether you’re a nation-state or a local council with climate change agendas and clean-air zones or a  business with strong boardroom mandates to cut Co2 emissions, adopting this technology will ensure  we and future generations all benefit not by purchasing carbon credits but by cutting real-life  emissions. 

“The time for talking is over. It is now time to embrace this new technology and usher in the hydrogen  highway.” 

The technology has been patent pending from March 1st 2022 and, despite interest and offers from  various investment outlets across the world, the company is continuing investment outreach to make  the commercial case for BERROW-ZEICE.  

Any interested party should please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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