Hydrogen powered vehicle from Aston University is made out of cardboard and plywood

Hydrogen powered vehicle from Aston University is made out of cardboard and plywood

July 7, 2012 0 By Erin Kilgore

Students come together to build innovating hydrogen-powered vehicle

A team of students from the United Kingdom’s Aston University has won this year’s Shell Eco-Design Award. The team received the award for their innovative design of a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The vehicle in question makes use of a hydrogen fuel cell, which powers the vehicles various functions, and boasts of impressive fuel efficiency. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the hydrogen-powered vehicle is the fact that it is made of cardboard and birch bare plywood.

Vehicle wins team a spot in the Shell Eco-Marathon

The team claims that it has designed the hydrogen powered vehicle with the future in mind. The vehicle is made to be extremely light weight as to cut down of its fuel consumption and energy needs. A hydrogen fuel cell was chosen because of its ability to produce clean, yet powerful energy that can be made from an abundant fuel source. For its innovative design, the vehicle was recognized by Shell and will be competing in this year’s Shell Eco-Marathon event in Kuala Lumpur.

Team believes their vehicle will perform well in challenges

Shell’s annual event attracts groups of intrepid students and engineers from around the world and pits their creations against one another. These creations are primarily alternative energy vehicles. For the past two years, hydrogen has managed to attract a great deal of attention during the marathon. The Aston University team believes that its hydrogen powered vehicle will be able to perform well in one of the event’s more important challenges. This challenge will task participants to get their vehicles as far as possible with 1 kilowatt-hour worth of charge or the equivalent of 1 tank of hydrogen fuel.

Fuel cells continue to be a popular option in the transportation worldhydrogen powered vehicle and transportation

Hydrogen fuel cells continue to be popular options for vehicles, whether they be commercial or part of an academic project. The energy systems have proven themselves to be powerful competitors with conventional engines, so much so that they may one day replace such technologies.

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