France Gears Up for its 1st Monumental Highway Hydrogen Station

France Gears Up for its 1st Monumental Highway Hydrogen Station

July 20, 2023 0 By Bret Williams

Dyneff has partnered with McPhy Energy to establish its first renewable hydrogen station.

Dyneff, a French fuel provider, will establish its first renewable hydrogen station with the help of McPhy Energy, a company that specializes in low-carbon hydrogen production and distribution equipment.

The hydrogen refueling station is also the first to be installed on a highway in France.

While it’s not the first hydrogen station in the country, the announcement of this particular station is notable for a couple of reasons. For starters, it will be the very first one located on a highway, which will help to benefit the country’s adoption of hydrogen vehicles.

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Also, the equipment needed to establish the H2 station, which will be built on a site owned by Dyneff, will be designed and manufactured entirely in France.

“This new step in the deployment of hydrogen mobility will concretely contribute to accelerating the decarbonization of the economy and mobility, in line with the France Relance and France 2030 plans,” said Chief Executive Officer at McPhy, Jean-Baptiste Lucas.

The hydrogen station will serve trucks and light vehicles.

The new partnership for McPhy follows the inauguration of the hydrogen company’s new Grenoble factory. The factory, which opened in October 2022, is fully dedicated to the research and innovation, engineering and production of H2 refueling stations.

Hydrogen Station - H2 truck refueling

Dyneff’s hydrogen station will be located in France’s Occitanie region. Once operational, the service station will be open to both hydrogen-powered trucks and light vehicles.

This station with hydrogen refueling capabilities that Dyneff has commissioned from McPhy, will have a distribution capacity of up to 60 kg per day.

Dyneff has been taking steps to decarbonize.

hydrogen news ebookDyneff is a distributor of petroleum products. It supplies gas and lubricants, and offers oil terminal facilities and logistics services to its clients in France and Spain. Since 2015, the company has been extending its offering to include natural gas and green electricity from 100% renewable energy.

Dyneff distributes its products via its service stations, network of sales agencies, and trading agencies. Its renewable hydrogen station is another step toward Dyneff lowering its own and its clients carbon footprints.

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