Another hydrogen station is up and running in the Netherlands

Another hydrogen station is up and running in the Netherlands

January 30, 2024 0 By Tami Hood

NXT Mobility’s newly established H2 refueling stations is now open.

The city of Alkmaar – a city situated to the north of Amsterdam – is the latest to get a hydrogen station in the Netherlands, with the station recently being opened by NXT Mobility, a mobility equipment supplier based in Alkmaar.

The station underwent an extensive pilot phase before officially opening.

The hydrogen station has been established as a NXT Energy Hub and is located at De Boekelermeer business park. Prior to the hydrogen refueling station opening its doors to customers, a long pilot phase was carried out.

The storage tank used by the station was built by Resato, a Dutch manufacturer, and was partly funded by a DKTI transport subsidy from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Hydrogen is the latest fuel to be offered at NXT Energy Hub. Other fuels available include gasoline, diesel, and LNG. As for hydrogen, the refueling station offers both 350 and 700 bar dispensing and can service passenger cars, buses and trucks.

The Alkmaar hydrogen station joins the over 4,100 stations currently operational in the Netherlands.

“Although there are currently over 4,100 filling stations in the Netherlands, the number of places where hydrogen can be refueled is still very limited,” said Erik Metselaar, Director of NXT Mobility. “The realization of this hydrogen location is therefore an important step, not only for NXT Mobility, but also for our region.”

Hydrogen Station - Opening waterstoftankstation NXT Energy Hub Alkmaar

Opening waterstoftankstation NXT Energy Hub Alkmaar – Image Source: NXT Mobility

The hydrogen station, which is the first in Alkmaar and the first for NXT Mobility, is part of the Duwaal project. The focus of this project is to develop a green hydrogen economy in the north region of the country. The project’s main objective is to set up a chain of hydrogen production, hydrogen distribution and hydrogen use.

The Netherlands has several green H2 projects in the works.

hydrogen news ebookIn addition to this green hydrogen station, the nation has been busy implementing and working on a number of green hydrogen projects, including the construction of a national hydrogen network, with the goal of eventually expanding this network over 745 miles so it can be accessed by all hydrogen producers and buyers.

More recently, Hydrogen Fuel News reported that Mitsubishi Corp. plans to invest over $690 million to build what will be the largest green hydrogen production plant in the Netherlands and one of the largest in the world.

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