This hydrogen train is an ambitious project helping to shape the future and the world

This hydrogen train is an ambitious project helping to shape the future and the world

May 24, 2024 1 By Bret Williams

Alstom’s Coradia iLint is gaining more prestigious recognition.

The Coradia iLint hydrogen train is once again gaining recognition for being innovative. This time around it has been named a finalist in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas. This list honors businesses and organizations that drive meaningful change in the world.

Brining hydrogen passenger tech to the Americas.

Alstom’s H2-powered passenger train is the first hydrogen train in revenue service in the Americas. Last year (2023), during its demonstration in Quebec, Canada, the train successfully carried out more than 10,000 passenger trips from mid-June to September. These trips were conducted along the Charlevoix rail network, a tourist line that runs along the St. Lawrence River through a Unesco biosphere reserve.

One of the goals of the demonstration was to allow Alstom partners involved in the project to better evaluate any additional steps that might be needed to develop H2 propulsion technology and the integration of this tech into the North American market.

Alstom is proud to have its hydrogen train recognized by Fast Company.

President of Alstom Americas, Michael Keroullé, commented on Alstom being recognized on the list of Fast Company World Changing Ideas in a recent company news release.

Hydrogen Train - Alstom Coradia iLint in Quebec - Image Source - Alstom

Coradia iLint in Quebec – Image Source: Alstom

“This is a testament to green energy innovation happening across the Americas,” Keroullé said. He added that it’s also a testament to the expertise of Alstom staff and suppliers who work each day to deliver low-carbon transportation options to communities across the world.

Brendan Vaughn, Fast Company editor-in-chief also commented, stating that he was “struck this year by the global sweep of the honorees.” Vaughn said that watching the world come together to develop inventive solutions to the most challenging problems we face is “endlessly inspiring.”

An award-winning H2 train.

hydrogen news ebookThis isn’t the first time Alstom and its Coradia iLint hydrogen train have been recognized for innovation. Recently, it was awarded the Hydrogen Mobility Award at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention 2024.

Alstom won the award for its H2 train and the role the company is playing in furthering green energy mobility and zero-emission propulsion solutions in Canada.

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