FLIRT H2 hydrogen train sets new Guinness World Record

FLIRT H2 hydrogen train sets new Guinness World Record

March 29, 2024 0 By Alicia Moore

Stadler’s locomotive has been entered into the famous records database for a recent pilot run.

Stadler’s FLIRT H2 hydrogen train has set a Guinness World Record for having traveled the longest distance achieved by a pilot H2-powered electric multiple unit passenger train on a single tank of fuel.

The locomotive and passenger cars traveled 1,741.7 miles (2,803 kilometers)

The record set by the hydrogen train places the spotlight on the speed of the advancement of sustainable rail technology. Stadler has proudly issued a news release about the achievement, pointing to it as proof of the company’s strength in innovation and tech in sustainable rail transport.

Having been entered into the Guinness World Records database has only supported the company’s efforts to demonstrate its leadership in the sector, including the priority it places on innovation.  Stadler has also viewed this milestone as additional proof of the capabilities of FLIRT H2 and the technology powering it.

Originally presented the hydrogen train in Berlin

The FLIRT H2 was originally presented to the public by Stadler in Berlin at InnoTrans in 2022.  Several detailed solutions were developed for integration of the fuel cells and H2 storage systems into the modern FLIRT commuter train product line.  Since they were first unveiled to the public, they have undergone heavy testing, originally in Switzerland, but more recently in Colorado in the US, where they have been used on a dedicated test ring.

As the company approached testing completion, it was keen to demonstrate how capable and reliable the hydrogen train was.  To achieve this, it aimed to set new records for H2 rail travel distances without recharging or refueling. This effort was closely monitored by the adjudication team at Guinness World Records.

Rail transport’s “ideal performance range”

“This world record establishes the ideal performance range of our hydrogen version of the best-selling FLIRT Electric Multiple Unit, the FLIRT H2,” said Stadler Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Dr. Ansgar Brockmeyer in the company’s news release.

Hydrogen Train - Stadler’s FLIRT H2 achieves Guinness World Records title - Image Source - Stadler Rail YouTube

Stadler’s FLIRT H2 Train – Image Source: Stadler Rail YouTube

Brockmeyer went on to praise the entire team’s achievement and express the company’s pride in holding the new record.

Closing Thoughts

hydrogen news ebookThis type of achievement has been growing and has become increasingly common as hydrogen train technology continues to advance in order to meet the expected future demand for clean energy transportation technology.

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