GKN Aerospace to develop aircraft systems that run on liquid hydrogen

GKN Aerospace to develop aircraft systems that run on liquid hydrogen

March 29, 2024 0 By Angie Bergenson

The company is testing a cryogenic H2 system as part of the HyFIVE aerospace industry consortium.

GKN Aerospace has announced its intentions to develop and test an aircraft system using cryogenic liquid hydrogen fuel. This project is a component of the HyFIVE industry consortium in the United Kingdom.

The consortium’s goal is to develop and test the new system tech

HyFIVE is aiming for the development and testing of scalable liquid hydrogen fuel system tech, which will come together as a complete system ground demo. Among the partners participating in the consortium are Marshall, Parker Meggitt, the University of Bath, the University of Manchester, and Cardiff University.

The three-year program is receiving half its £40 million (US$50 million) funding from the UK government by way of the Aerospace Technology Institute.  The remaining half of the funding is from industry.

Bringing liquid hydrogen system expertise

GKN Aerospace will be bringing its cryogenic H2 system tech expertise, as well as its experience with aircraft structures.  On the other hand, Marshall and Parker Meggitt will concentrate on the development of the fuel systems.

This will be broken down between them, as Marshall’s background is in fuel system integration and design, while Parker Meggitt works in relevant components and thermal management tech.

Together, they will all be focusing on core safety, tech, industrialization, and certification challenges that have been associated with the use of liquid hydrogen fuel in the aviation industry.

A “significant milestone”

According to a statement released by GKN, HyFIVE is a “significant milestone” in the aerospace company’s vision to build strong and reliable cryogenic H2 systems supply chains for the production of future planes.

Liquid hydrogen - Digital Image of a plane

GKN Aerospace vice president of technology Max Brown recently aid that “The HyFIVE liquid hydrogen fuel system program will complement our existing world-leading hydrogen electric propulsion program, H2GEAR.” He went on to express the company’s deep respect for Marshall and Parker Meggitt and what they can bring to this fuel system project.  He stated that the consortium now had a powerful strategy forward for the delivery of the tech and supply chain necessary for “hydrogen regional aircraft and beyond.”

Closing Thoughts

hydrogen news ebookThis project intends to move liquid hydrogen systems forward in the aircraft industry, accelerating development and testing in a way that could be meaningful for short-distance flights in the nearer future, and greater distances in years to come.

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