Loop Energy gains two more hydrogen truck customers

Loop Energy gains two more hydrogen truck customers

October 11, 2022 0 By John Max

The Canadian company’s new customers each develop medium-duty H2-powered vehicles.

Commercial mobility fuel cell developer and manufacturer, Loop Energy, has announced two new hydrogen truck developer customers.

The two customers are Opex and Avia Ingeniería, which are each seeking to trial H2 vehicles in 2023.

Opex is a systems integrator of batteries and H2 fuel cells from Columbia. Avia Ingeniería is a systems integrator and electric powertrain provider from Spain. Each of those companies are interested in trialing hydrogen trucks in 2023.

Hydrogen truck - Image of a truck on road near city

Loop Energy is stepping into the Customer Adoption Cycle Pilot Phase with each of those two companies, broadening its European market presence while solidifying its first South American market relationship. The news of the new customers followed closely on the heels of Loop Energy’s recent announcement that it upgraded its purchase order guidance for the next year and a half.

Loop Energy’s new customers will use this time to test the hydrogen truck technology.

Opex has been working on the integration of fuel cells as a commercial vehicle decarbonization option in Latin America for a couple of years. It is beginning with a prototype, with the intention of developing a logistics vehicle using a Loop Energy S300 (30 kW) fuel cell as a range extender. Once the vehicle is built, it will be used by a local fleet operation as an evaluation of how it can be deployed in larger vehicle applications.

Avia Ingeniería intends to use the Loop Energy 30 kW fuel cell as a range extender. It will use the technology in a tractor-trailer transport vehicle. That vehicle will be a part of the ShineFleet project. That initiative features differnet kinds of Spanish technology and engineering companies such as Técnicas Reunidas. The purpose of that strategy is to demonstrate H2 tech feasibility and to educate fleet operators regarding use at fleet scale. A logistics fleet operator is expected to use the hydrogen truck as a part of its service routes starting in 2023, once the vehicle is operational.

“We’ve seen positive growth when it comes to using fuel cells in medium-duty electric trucks,” said George Rubin, Loop Energy Chief Commercial Officer. “Our team continues to identify manufacturers and fleet operators committed to the deployment of hydrogen-electric fleets worldwide. It is great to see Opex and Avia Ingeniería setting a positive example in their respective markets.”

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