Hydrogen truck first tailer pull gives HVS something to celebrate

Hydrogen truck first tailer pull gives HVS something to celebrate

March 25, 2024 0 By Angie Bergenson

The company has announced its latest major milestone in vehicle testing.

UK-based Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS), a designer of OEM hydrogen propulsions systems for trucks, is celebrating a major milestone after its hydrogen truck successfully completed its very first trailer pull on the test track.

The X2.0 is powered by green hydrogen.

The hydrogen fuel cell truck that completed the test – part of HVS’ vehicle testing and development program – was the company’s second test vehicle, X2.0.  Running on green H2, the hydrogen truck was pushed to perform on the high-speed track at UTAC, Millbrook. It was a significant moment for HVS, as its truck showed off its real-world capabilities.

X2.0 is one of a series of engineering prototypes designed by HVS. It is also only one of several testing phases. According to the company, each phase focuses on a different component of the hydrogen truck design to be used alongside computer-aided engineering models.

Hydrogen truck prototypes with a unique powertrain.

Each hydrogen truck prototype is built in the UK and features the HVS Hydrogen Fuel cell Powertrain. This unique powertrain provides a suite of features ideally suited to heavy goods vehicle (HGV) operations. Among these features include heavier payloads, fast refueling, and long range.

Hydrogen truck Test - Image Source HVS - - DSC01022

HVS X2.0 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Protoype – Image Source – HVS

The truck delivers a performance that closely matches that of traditional commercial vehicles fueled by diesel. Of course, the major benefit of the hydrogen truck performance over diesel-powered vehicles is only water is emitted from the tailpipe. HVS notes that these water emissions were visible on the test day, indicating the H2 truck’s fuel cells were working as they’re supposed to.

What’s so great about HVS’ successful test?

hydrogen news ebookIt seems these days much of the news related to hydrogen fuel has to do with companies celebrating new joint agreements or the completion of pilot projects or first tests. So, why does this one matter?

Well, in addition to demonstrating that the fuel cells are working as expected, the real-world test track data the hydrogen truck provides will be combined with dyno test data gathered so far. Combined, this data will be utilized to improve the vehicle’s set-up and offer systems collaboration and optimization. Ultimately, now that the fuel cell truck has undergone physical tests, HVS will be able to use the data points from the truck’s powertrain functional software and performance to start mapping it out to the virtual world.

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