Hydrogen Vehicle Systems has a plan that could kick hydrogen HGV transition into high gear

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems has a plan that could kick hydrogen HGV transition into high gear

August 2, 2023 0 By Alicia Moore

The hydrogen company’s strategy identifies five key points.

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) has unveiled a five-point plan that outlines the necessary key steps to make widespread adoption of hydrogen-powered heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) a reality, as well as a call to action to propel the transition to an H2 (hydrogen fuel) economy.

HVS’ roadmap aims to drive the industry forward and enable more rapid decarbonization.

The zero-emission commercial vehicles innovator, which is revolutionizing the goods delivery sector with its new hydrogen fuel cell HGV, wants greater clarity from governments and legal authorities on detailed timescales that are supported by policy incentives to encourage the early adoption of hydrogen HGVs.

More specifically, Hydrogen Vehicle Systems is calling for legislation changes, subsidies for green hydrogen production, job training support, and commitments to infrastructure development.

The hydrogen company hopes that the roadmap it has identified will accelerate the decarbonization of the goods delivery sector and help the United Kingdom to meet its net-zero targets.

The five-point plan identified by Hydrogen Vehicle Systems.

The five key areas identified by the company include:

  • Incentives – Governments need to implement a package of support measures that not only provide operators with incentives (e.g. financial support, emissions-based vehicle purchasing, etc.), but also provide clarity on the actual costs involved to encourage confidence in new fleet investments.
  • Legislation and regulatory framework changes – Governments and local authorities need to provide clear commitments to support the industry’s transition by setting ambitious carbon reduction targets and adopting goals specific to the sector.

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  • Green hydrogen production – Hydrogen Vehicle Systems wants the UK Government to boost support for increased renewable energy production and channel these efforts into producing green hydrogen, which will enable infrastructure investors to scale-up and drive down hydrogen fuel costs, lowering the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for hydrogen HGVs.
  • Infrastructure – The scalable rollout of hydrogen refueling stations is a must. To start, HVS says that as few as seven strategically located hydrogen stations would be needed to serve the majority of HGV movements in the motorway distribution network. These stations could first be mobile and then later fixed to a location once demand grows.
  • STEM skilled workforce and training – To support the transition, Hydrogen Vehicle Systems believes that training and education programs are essential to establish a capable workforce at both the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and tier 1 supplier levels. Investment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) cultivates and promotes R&D initiatives as well as offers opportunities for academia, industry and government collaborations.

The HGV industry “desperately needs clarity”.

hydrogen news ebook“Change in this market is not happening quickly enough – which is why, today, we are unveiling this five-point plan, outlining a roadmap that will accelerate the transition to hydrogen HGV fleets,” said Hydrogen Vehicle Systems CEO Jawad Khursheed.

“This industry desperately needs clarity from the UK government on incentives to encourage the early adoption of hydrogen HGVs, alongside commitments to support the development of new H2 technology, green hydrogen infrastructure and revisions to regulations.”

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