Hydrogenics wins two contracts for hydrogen fuel stations

December 26, 2014 1 By Angie Bergenson

Hydrogenics to provide hydrogen services to new stations in California and the United Kingdom

Hydrogenics, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen production systems, has announced that it has won two contracts to supply technology and service to two new hydrogen fuel stations. One of these stations is located in California, with the other being based in the United Kingdom. These stations will serve to bolster the emerging hydrogen infrastructure in these two markets, preparing them for the eventual launch of fuel cell vehicles.

New station in California will produce hydrogen fuel through the use of renewable energy

The California station is owned and managed by Ontario CNG. This company was recently awarded a contract by the California Energy Commission, tasking it to supply hydrogen fuel technologies to 76 existing fuel stations in the state. Hydrogenics notes that the new station will generate hydrogen using its new technology. Much of the hydrogen that will be produced at the station will be generated through the use of renewable energy, making it more environmentally friendly.

Fueling station in Aberdeen will produce 130 kilograms of hydrogen on-site

hydrogen fuel gas stationIn the United Kingdom, Hydrogenics was awarded a contract by the City of Aberdeen, Scotland. The contract tasks the company with supplying services to a 350/700-bar pressure hydrogen station in the city. The station is part of the Aberdeen City Hydrogen Energy Storage Project, which is an overarching initiative that aims to examine the energy potential of hydrogen. Hydrogenics suggests that the station will be able to produce as much as 130 kilograms of hydrogen fuel per day using its new technology.

Infrastructure projects are becoming a priority ahead of the release of fuel cell vehicles

Including these two new projects, Hydrogenics has won nine hydrogen fuel station contracts in 2014. These projects have become quite important due to the impending release of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles require hydrogen fuel in order to operate, but there are few hydrogen stations currently available to support the launch of these vehicles. Companies like Hydrogenics are working to bolster the fuel infrastructure so that these vehicles may have a chance at success.

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