HyperSolar makes breakthrough with hydrogen fuel production technology

August 22, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

Hydrogen fuel production technology reaches new milestone

HyperSolar, a developer of hydrogen fuel production systems that make use of solar energy, has reached a major milestone in its endeavors to generate renewable hydrogen through the use of sunlight and any water source. The company has announced that its artificial photosynthesis technology has reached the 1 volt open circuit milestone, a significant increase from the technology’s 0.2 volt capabilities of only 8 months ago. HyperSolar believes that it will soon be possible to use solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel in an efficient and inexpensive way.

HyperSolar claims 1.5 volts goal may be within reach

The theoretical voltage required for splitting water into its components parts of oxygen and hydrogen is 1.23 volts. For real-world applications, approximately 1.5 volts is needed, but achieving this standard has been quite difficult due to technological limitations and the high cost of high-end solar technologies. In reaching the 1 volt milestone, HyperSolar believes that it now has a roadmap that will lead it to reaching the 1.5 volt mark.

Hydrogen fuel and artificial photosynthesisArtificial photosynthesis may lead to inexpensive hydrogen fuel production

Hydrogen fuel has been growing in prominence around the world, largely due to the efforts of the global auto industry. With hydrogen becoming more important, efficient and inexpensive production methods are becoming more necessary. Conventional hydrogen fuel production methods are somewhat expensive, making the use of hydrogen impractical. Moreover, many of these conventional methods rely heavily on fossil-fuels. Producing hydrogen fuel through the use of renewable resources, such as solar energy, is considered more environmentally friendly and, in some cases, less expensive than production methods making use of fossil-fuels.

Artificial photosynthesis continues to receive strong attention from science community

Replicating photosynthesis has been a major interest of the science community in recent years. Mimicking this natural process could lead to the efficient production of hydrogen fuel, cutting the costs of this fuel and making more accessible to consumers and businesses. The auto industry is currently one of the strongest advocates for hydrogen fuel, but automakers have yet to show strong support for efforts that seek to mimic photosynthesis.

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