Hyundai sees new trends emerging with driverless technology and clean vehicles

Hyundai sees new trends emerging with driverless technology and clean vehicles

December 27, 2017 0 By John Max

Hyundai believes driverless vehicles will become much more common in 2018

The auto industry is beginning to experience a significant shift, with new trends emerging for 2018. According to Mike Song, head of operations at Hyundai, driverless technology will become much more prominent next year. Song also predicts that clean technology will also become more of a priority for automakers. Hyundai has already been working to develop driverless technology, with autonomous systems to be part of new launch models. The automaker is also investing heavily in hydrogen fuel cells, which will be used to power a new generation of its vehicles.

New autonomous technology to emerge next year

Song notes that Hyundai now has what it calls “Level 1 autonomy.” This allows both the vehicle and driver to share control. In 2018, the automaker predicts that “Level 2 autonomy” will be possible. This means that the vehicle will be able to operate on its own, but the driver can take control when they need to. Many of these vehicles will likely be powered by hydrogen fuel cells or some other form of clean technology.

Clean vehicles will become more popular in the Middle East and Africa

In 2018, Song expects to see more automakers become focused on electric drivetrains. Clean vehicles may become particularly popular in Europe, where governments are working together to promote clean transportation. Clean vehicles may also find significant success in the Middle East and Africa. In these markets, electric vehicles are being seen as fashionable, making them desirable to affluent consumers. There has been a growing interest in vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells due to their high performance.

New technology will unlock a brighter future for clean vehicles

Hyundai is among the first major automakers to make significant advances in driverless technology. The automaker has also established a strong presence in the clean transportation field with its fuel cell car. Driverless vehicles may become the new normal in the coming years, especially if automakers use clean technology to power these cars.

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