IBM Research sets sights on solar energy

IBM Research sets sights on solar energy

May 16, 2013 Off By Erin Kilgore

Company aims to improve solar energy by adopting new strategies

IBM Research, the research and development arm of IBM, has been experimenting in the field of renewable energy for some time. The company has a strong interest in solar energy and is somewhat responsible for some of the scientific breakthroughs that have helped solar energy find more traction around the world in the past. Now, IBM Research is planning a new approach on the issues that surround solar energy, hoping to find ways to make this form of renewable power more attractive and efficient.

Strategies may help solve problems in solar energy field

IBM Research is combining multiple strategies focused on solar energy from around the world in order to develop a new low-cost and efficient solar collector. The strategies that the company is interested in have been used over the past four decades to achieve major breakthroughs in the field of solar energy. Biomimicry, for example, will be put to use by IBM Research to solve some of the technological problems that are involved in solar energy.

Company to focus on high-concentration solar systems

IBM Solar Energy

The company’s endeavors will largely be focused on the concept of high-concentration solar systems. These systems use mirrors to magnify sunlight. This sunlight is directed to solar collectors and then converted into electrical power. The heat generated by such systems is also used for various other purposes. IBM Research is interested in making these systems more efficient, which would then make them more viable as a replacement for more conventional forms of energy.

New approach may help solve technological problems

In order to make high-concentration solar systems more efficient, researchers will have to find a way to overcome the technological challenges that these systems have become infamous for. IBM Research believes that putting old yet successful strategies to good use could help overcome these challenges. Any significant breakthrough that the company achieves is likely to be good news for the solar energy sector.