Wind energy gains more support in Scotland

Wind energy gains more support in Scotland

May 16, 2013 Off By Tami Hood

Scotland wind energy sector sees more investment activity

Scottish Enterprise has announced that it has awarded nearly $7 million to Samsung Heavy Industries. The funding is meant to support Samsung’s development of a new offshore wind turbine prototype that will be located at Scotland’s Fife Energy Park. Scotland has emerged as a major supporter of wind energy, especially when it comes to the offshore variety. The country is currently home to several wind energy projects and has proven pivotal in the clean energy projects that have taken root throughout the United Kingdom.

Samsung invests in wind energy technology

Samsung Heavy Industries has already invested more than $100 million into the Scottish wind energy sector. The company believes that Scotland could be a powerful market for wind energy and has been working to take advantage of the friendly business environment that can be found within the country. The majority of the funds invested by the company have gone on to support various wind energy projects throughout Scotland.

Economic stability could be attained through sustainable power

Wind Energy Scotland

Government officials claim that the latest investment is a major step forward in the country’s continued work in the renewable energy field. Scotland is one of several countries that have been taking a greater interest in renewable energy due to economic prospects. Wind energy, in particular, could be a major boon for the country as it would allow for the shift away from fossil-fuels and provide Scotland with more economic stability.

Scotland continues to be a strong supporter of wind energy

Scotland is currently one of the most active hubs for offshore wind energy in the world. Samsung Heavy Industries plans to leverage the country’s location in order to gain access to strong wind streams that can be found at sea. The company will be developing new wind turbines for this purpose and may help make wind energy a more viable replacement for conventional forms of energy in the future.

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