IEA launches ambitious plan for electric vehicles

IEA launches ambitious plan for electric vehicles

April 26, 2013 0 By Erin Kilgore

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles becoming a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change

The attention surrounding electric vehicles has been swelling as they begin to be considered a strong weapon against the potential effects of climate change. Transportation is considered one of the most significant contributors to climate change due to the massive amount of emissions that are produced by travel, commercial and otherwise. In order for electric vehicles to have a significant impact on climate change, the number of these vehicles on the world’s roadways must increase by 7 million every year through the end of the decade.

IEW targets 20 million electric vehicles by 2020

The International Energy Agency (IEA), an energy organization comprised of 28 member states, has set an ambitious goal for itself in regards to clean transportation. The organization aims to see more than 20 million electric vehicles on the roads of the world by 2020, believing that this will help mitigate the effects climate change may have. Though the goal may seem lofty, the IEA claims that it is well within reach as long as the world’s governments continue showing support for electric vehicles.

Steep increase requires jump in sales

The IEA has released a new report concerning its endeavor. According to the report, in order for 20 million electric vehicles to hit the roads worldwide, global sales must grow by 80% every year through the end of the decade. This would require a massive increase in the rate at which electric vehicles are being introduced to the commercial market. This may be difficult due to the costs associated with the development of these vehicles. Lithium-ion batteries are not inexpensive and the cost of these energy systems often translates into the overall cost of the vehicle.

Clean transportation already has strong backing

The IEA notes that current sales growth shows promise for the organization’s plan. While sales must reach higher levels, they are already showing strong progress in this regard and are expected to continue growing in popularity among consumers are governments increase their support behind clean transportation. There are several challenges that remain for the IEA, of course, but the organization currently has a high level support from its member states.

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