India has hope in fuel cell vehicles as clean transportation continues to grow

August 23, 2016 0 By Tami Hood

Clean transportation market is showing great promise in India

India is quickly working to embrace renewable energy as a way to become more environmentally friendly, independent, and mitigate the impact of climate change. As a result, the Indian government has begun to focus more heavily on clean transportation. Many Indian states have been working to promote the adoption of electric vehicles, particularly those powered by battery systems. As these vehicles become more common, hydrogen fuel cells may soon act as a replacement for batteries in India’s growing clean transportation market.

Government is looking to show more support for fuel cell vehicles

The Indian government is reportedly drafting a policy to support fuel cell vehicles. The policy would provide support for research and development initiatives, as well as demonstration projects designed to highlight the capabilities of fuel cell technology. These energy systems have already become quite popular in the overarching auto industry, but have yet to break into the Indian market in any significant way. Tata Motors, one of India’s automakers, is among the first companies in India to develop and showcase a new fuel cell vehicle.

Tata Motors is showcasing its new vehicle equipped with a fuel cell

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Vehicles on busy street in IndiaEarlier this year, Tata Motors showed off its new fuel cell car, which was developed with the help of India’s Department of Science and Industrial Research. The vehicle is designed to carry four passengers and one driver. The automaker is not the only company interested in bringing fuel cell vehicles into the Indian market, of course, especially as the market continues to show signs of strong growth. Toyota, Honda, and other automakers have expressed interest in India’s clean transportation market, but they have not yet brought their own fuel cell vehicles to the commercial market.

Fuel cell vehicles have promise, but face significant challenges

Fuel cell vehicles produce no harmful emissions and have better fuel economy than other clean vehicles. This does not mean that these vehicles are perfect, however. Fuel cells are notoriously expensive, making them out of reach for many consumers. Lacking infrastructure support is also another challenge facing fuel cell vehicles. Without access to fuel, many consumers are unlikely to be interested in fuel cell vehicles when they are finally released.

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