Intelligent Energy moves forward with plans for portable hydrogen fuel cells

April 14, 2015 0 By Tami Hood

Intelligent Energy successfully acquires maker of disposable consumer products

Intelligent Energy, a prominent developer of hydrogen fuel cell technology, has announced its acquisition of Societe Bic, a producer of disposable consumer products. The acquisition cost Intelligent Energy $13 million, and the company will pay an additional $2 million when the transactions is completely finalized. Intelligent Energy could benefit from the acquisition as the company continues to show focus on producing portable and disposable hydrogen fuel cell systems that can be used to power consumer electronics.

Portable fuel cells are gaining some traction among mobile consumers

Portable energy is becoming more important for consumers. One of the reasons for this has to do with the growing reliance on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Many people use these devices for communication and entertainment, but they are also using their smartphones for commerce and other such purposes. As such, mobile devices have become a very important aspect of daily life for many people. Keeping these devices charged is also becoming an important issue that needs to be solved.

Portable chargers could give people convenient access to energy

Hydrogen Fuel portable charger - UppIntelligent Energy recently released a portable hydrogen fuel cell, called Upp, that provides electrical power to mobile devices, such as smartphones and laptops. The charger has found modest success in some markets, but Intelligent Energy believes that the demand for wireless charger technology is on the rise. The company envisions a future where wireless electrical power can be provided through the use of hydrogen fuel cells, which can generate significant quantities of electricity without also producing harmful emissions.

Intelligent Energy sees a future in portable hydrogen fuel cells

Through its acquisition of Societe Bic, Intelligent Energy will have access to more intellectual property assets, which are based in the auto industry, consumer electronics, and distributed power and generation markets. The acquisition could further bolster the company’s plans to develop portable fuel cells that can be used to charge mobile devices. Last year, a rumor emerged that suggested Apple was working with Intelligent Energy to develop such fuel cells for future iOS devices, but there has been no announcements of plans concerning such a partnership.

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