Vancouver embraces renewable energy

April 14, 2015 0 By Angie Bergenson

City Council votes to adopt renewable energy in a major way

The City of Vancouver, British Columbia, has become the first city in Canada to aim to derive no less than 100% of its electrical power from renewable energy sources, following a vote from the City Council. The council unanimously voted to embrace renewable energy, hoping to abandon more conventional forms of power that are environmentally hazardous. British Columbia has become a very prominent clean technology and energy market, where innovation is being supported by provincial policies and initiatives from the national government.

City intends to get 100% of its electrical power from renewable resources

Vancouver is not only looking to derive 100% of its energy from renewable sources, but also its heat and cooling. The city is also examining the viability of clean transportation, with agencies working to see whether or not it would be feasible for the transportation sector to be completely powered by clean energy. Hydrogen fuel cells could become a powerful tool in such an endeavor, as these energy systems can produce electrical power for vehicles without also producing emissions. Fuel cells have become quite popular with automakers around the world.

Heating, cooling, and transportation could become more environmentally friendly

British Columbia - Renewable EnergyThe city has already made major strides in becoming environmentally friendly and sustainable. Vancouver currently generates 90% of its electrical power from renewable sources, with the majority of this electricity coming from hydroelectric systems. When heating, cooling, and transportation are factored into the equation, however, the city receives less than 32% of its electrical power from renewable sources. Significant changes may need to be made in order for Vancouver to reach its ambitious goal.

Other cities look to meet their needs for electricity through the use of renewable energy

Renewable energy is becoming more popular for cities throughout the world. In the United States, both San Francisco and San Diego have plans to reach the 100% renewable energy goal. Stockholm, Sweden, is also moving toward such a goal. Sydney, Australia, intends to be completely powered by renewable energy in the coming years, despite the uncertainty regarding clean energy coming from the Australian government.

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