ITM Power joins California hydrogen fuel organization

August 6, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

Hydrogen fuel organization gains a new member

ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that its U.S. representative, Geoff Budd, has been elected as the newest member of the California Hydrogen Business Council. The council is part of a state initiative involving utility-scale hydrogen fuel systems that can be connected to the existing energy grid. The Council is meant to promote hydrogen fuel among businesses and other organizations. Budd aims to take an aggressive stance on this endeavor, hoping to promote hydrogen fuel as a complete replacement for fossil-fuels in the near future.

California continues push on hydrogen fuel

In 2010, a new law was passed in California calling for the establishment of comprehensive renewable energy storage systems. The state has been looking for ways to break its reliance on fossil-fuels and hydrogen has been chosen as an effective tool in this endeavor, along with other forms of renewable energy. Much of California’s interest in hydrogen fuel has to do with transportation and the state has an ambitious plan to promote hydrogen-powered vehicles and infrastructure through the California Road Map: The Commercialization of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles initiative.

California hydrogen fuel newsOrganization sets its sights on storage

The California Hydrogen Business Council is currently involved in examining hydrogen fuel storage. Storage has become a major issue for hydrogen in recent years due to concerns regarding efficiency. Conventional storage methods involve the consumption of a significant amount of energy, which is typically generated through the use of fossil-fuels. Moreover, most conventional storage methods are not considered efficient, leading to a loss of hydrogen fuel. Such storage methods are also somewhat expensive, adding to the already high costs associated with hydrogen fuel.

Efficient storage could help solve some of hydrogen’s problems

Geoff Budd will work to shed light on the various issues that exist in the storage sector. Solving some of the problems associated with storage could make hydrogen a more viable form of renewable energy, especially beyond the field of transportation. Efficient storage could be a boon for residential hydrogen energy systems and those used in various industrial sectors. In the realm of transportation, efficient storage could help form a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure that can support a new generation of vehicles.

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