Hydrogen fuel infrastructure wins victory in California

Hydrogen fuel infrastructure wins victory in California

June 18, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

California takes a major step toward hydrogen fuel

A major victory has been struck in California for hydrogen transportation. The state has long been a supporter of renewable energy, but when it comes to the matter of using hydrogen fuel for transportation, California has shown only modest support in the past. The support that the state could provide hydrogen transportation exists in infrastructure. Without an adequate infrastructure, hydrogen-powered vehicles are not likely to find the success they need. The state recently made a major step forward in the establishment of a comprehensive infrastructure.

State continues efforts to establish working infrastructure

California has been working to build an infrastructure for some time. The effort is often referred to as the state’s Hydrogen Highway and is meant to ensure that hydrogen-powered vehicles can find fueling services wherever they are in California. Building a hydrogen fuel infrastructure is costly, however, and the financial aspects of this endeavor have served to slow the progress of the Hydrogen Highway over the years. Now, however, new funding has been approved that could change the pace at which this hydrogen fuel infrastructure is taking form.

California Hydrogen FuelMore funding to be pumped into infrastructure

The California Energy Commission has approved more than $18 million in grants for projects that seek to expand the state’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure. This money comes in addition to the $90 million the California Energy Commission is expected to invest in renewable energy and clean technology through the remainder of the fiscal year. The funds will be used to promote the growth of the hydrogen fuel infrastructure, funding projects that seek to build new hydrogen fuel stations in many parts of the state.

Funding will only go to projects in highly populated areas

The funding will only go toward projects that are focused on regions where the state’s population is densest. As such, new hydrogen fuel stations are likely to take root in and around cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco in the near future. Beyond these areas, hydrogen fuel stations are likely to remain somewhat scarce. This will likely localize the population of hydrogen-powered vehicle owners to relatively small regions of the state.

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