Kia Australia shows favor for hydrogen fuel cells

January 26, 2016 1 By Angie Bergenson

Kia Australia believes that fuel cells could be the future of clean transportation

Kia Australia may have plans to pursue hydrogen fuel cell technology in the coming years. General Manager Damien Meredith has shown strong support for fuel cell technology, noting that parent company Hyundai has found success in using these energy systems to power a new generation of clean vehicles. Hyundai brought its first fuel cell vehicle to the market some time ago and has seen interest in fuel cells grow over the past several months, especially as drivers become more interested in clean transportation.

Automakers could become more environmentally friendly by embracing clean technology

Meredith believes that all automakers have an obligation to become more environmentally friendly. This involves the adoption of new technology that does not produce any harmful emissions. Hydrogen fuel cells may be ideal for these automakers, as these energy systems produce electricity through the consumption of hydrogen. The only byproduct of this energy production is oxygen and water vapor. Automakers are beginning to use these energy systems to power their new clean vehicles.

Kia may benefit from the fuel cell technology that Hyundai has developed

Kia - Hydrogen Fuel AustraliaKia Australia has an interest in many kinds of clean vehicles, but the automaker is beginning to favor fuel cells over other forms of clean technology. Kia may be able to take advantage of the advancements in fuel cell technology that Hyundai has made. The automaker has successfully reduced the size of the fuel cells it uses and improved their efficiency. As such, these energy systems could become a valuable tool for Kia.

The launch of new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles may be delayed

While Kia has faith in hydrogen fuel cells, the automaker may not bring a fuel cell vehicle to the market any time soon. The company recently announced plans to begin focusing more heavily on clean transportation, developing a wide variety of new vehicles over the coming years. In Australia, the launch of a fuel cell vehicle may be delayed and met with several challenges. The most significant of these challenges will be the country’s lacking hydrogen fuel infrastructure.

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