New liquid hydrogen fuel pump unveiled by SunLine Transit Agency

New liquid hydrogen fuel pump unveiled by SunLine Transit Agency

February 8, 2022 0 By Tami Hood

The transit agency and the City of Indio partnered to launch the new H2 pump and mobile refuelling system.

SunLine Transit Agency and the City of Indio, California, have announced the launch of their new liquid hydrogen fuel pump technology and a mobile refuelling system.

The newly launched unveiled technology is a part of their 2035 plan for a zero-emission bus fleet.

Local officials and representatives from SunLine Transit Agency gathered at the Indio facility for the celebration of the installation of the new liquid hydrogen fuel pump. This will make it possible for the agency to be able to refuel its fleet of hydrogen-powered buses. There were a number of key officials in attendance who have been vocal in advocating for clean fuel technology. Among them was Congressman Raul Ruiz CA-36.

By way of a NICE America Research partnership, SunLine Transit Agency is piloting the new H2 pump technology and mobile refueling system. This way, they can use mobile trailers to test out the tech for hydrogen stations, making it possible to complete the tests without having to first construct permanent station structures.

Liquid hydrogen fuel - Future

SunLine is enthusiastic about the liquid hydrogen fuel pumps and what it represents for the future.

“SunLine has been a pioneer in alternative fuels for the past three decades, and the liquid hydrogen pump commemorated today is just another example of the agency’s commitment to our community and our environment,” said SunLine Transit Agency General Manager and CEO Lauren Skiver. “It is scalable deployment strategies such as this that are pivotal in charting the Coachella Valley’s future development as a hydrogen corridor.”

The launch event for the technology also provided the opportunity for the unveiling of a bus newly wrapped with an engagement campaign for the GoHuman community, which is the result of a partnership between the transit agency and the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)

Three buses operating on liquid hydrogen fuel have already rolled out with their new wraps to promote the campaign that seeks to reduce traffic collisions while encouraging people to give greener transportation options a try as a part of a broader decarbonization effort.

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