Mobile energy finds an advocate in myFC, creators of the PowerTrekk energy system

Mobile energy finds an advocate in myFC, creators of the PowerTrekk energy system

March 10, 2012 0 By Bret Williams

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As the world grows increasingly mobile, the need for mobile energy systems is getting more attention.

Swedish technology firm myFC has created a system it believes could solve the problem. The company has created a mobile hydrogen fuel cell that can provide electricity for mobile devices and other electronics. It is called PowerTrekk and is roughly the size of a hockey puck. The little fuel cell can produce enough electricity to power a smart phone with only a small supply of water.

Though the fuel cell is small, it operates in the same way as its conventional cousins.

Using a platinum catalyst, the fuel cell generates electricity through the process of electrolysis. Essentially, water is injected into the fuel cell and the catalyst separates the hydrogen molecules in the water from oxygen. The hydrogen is then used to create electricity. myFC insists that the PowerTrekk system is entirely safe, though some have expressed concerns due to the inherent volatility of hydrogen gas.


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myFC claims that the PowerTrekk system is entirely passive and requires nothing more from the user than a small supply of water.

The PowerTrekk is still in its testing stages, but has been used to power a sleuth of mobile devices, smart phone included. myFC believes that this could solve the problem of mobile energy, giving a society that is growing increasingly reliant on mobile technology a way to keep going when on the move.