Morocco receives loan to boost alternative energy initiatives

Morocco receives loan to boost alternative energy initiatives

September 12, 2012 0 By Erin Kilgore

Morocco alternative energy sector continues to show promising growth

Morocco is one of the countries in Africa that has made the most significant progress in its adoption of alternative energy. Like other countries on the continent, Morocco has taken an interest in alternative energy because of its economic and environmental potentials. The country has shown favor for both solar and wind energy, believing the two to be the most viable fits for its energy plans. Through the adoption of new political policies, the solar and wind energy markets of Morocco have been growing quickly. This growth has attracted the attention of the African Development Bank (AfDB).

AfDB approves loan to Morocco

The AfDB has shown support for alternative energy initiatives throughout Africa, providing financial support for these initiatives over the past several years. The AfDB has recently approved an $800 million loan to Morocco in order for the country to continue supporting the adoption of alternative energy and expansion of its solar and wind power markets. The loan is expected to spark more investment activity in the country’s energy sector.

Morocco receives loan to boost alternative energy initiatives

Wind and solar energy projects gaining momentum

Morocco is currently working on developing a concentrated solar energy system, which will be located at Ouarzazate. This concentrated solar energy system is expected to produce a significant amount of electricity due to the region’s exposure to solar radiation. The country is also working on a wind-hydro hybrid energy system that will boost the country’s renewable energy capacity by 42% by 2020.

Strong foundations make Morocco an attractive location for companies and investments

Morocco is considered one of Africa’s most ideal locations for alternative energy projects. The country boasts of a stable political structure and strong, yet inclusive regulations that create a favorable climate for alternative energy companies. These factors have provided investors with some degree of confidence in the country. As a result, Morocco’s alternative energy sector continues to see strong growth, making the country a leader in terms of sustainability and renewable power.