MyCityWay teams with BMW to improve electric vehicles

MyCityWay teams with BMW to improve electric vehicles

January 3, 2013 0 By Bret Williams

MyCityWay application to be used in BMW electric vehicles

MyCityWay, a developer of city guides, has announced that its location-based, situation-aware mobile application will be incorporated into a fleet of 70 BMW DriveNow ActiveE electric vehicles that are currently operating in San Francisco, California. The incorporation of the MyCityWay application is made possible through a partnership with BMW, which is eager to provide drivers with tools they may find useful. MyCityWay CEO Puneet Mehta notes that the application will introduce drivers to new services that may have a significant impact on their experiences with electric vehicles.

Application provides drivers with real time location-based information

The application will provide drivers with access to real-time information that can be personalized to suit their specific needs. MyCityWay aims to help drivers become more aware of their surroundings and provide them with information concerning local attractions that they may find interesting. Information such as weather, traffic, parking, and public transportation updates will be available through the MyCityWay application.

BMW begins to focus more on driver experience

BMW believes that the application will be a powerful tool for improving the experience drivers have with electric vehicles. The automaker has been pushing to make electric vehicles more appealing to consumers in recent months, but this appeal can only go so far if the company were to only focus on the vehicles themselves and not the other aspects of transportation. BMW expects that the MyCityWay application will make it easier and more enjoyable for drivers to find their way around San Francisco.

Consumers begin to look for tools to improve their driving experience

Clean transportation has been growing in popularity recently, especially as drivers become more convinced of the efficiency and performance of electric vehicles. With electric vehicles becoming more capable, drivers are beginning to focus their demand on other services that could improve their experience. MyCityWay is poised to meet these demands through the use of its innovative location-based technology and BMW is eager to incorporate applications it feels will further increase the popularity of its electric vehicles.


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