New FuelCell Energy project focuses on renewable hydrogen fuel production

New FuelCell Energy project focuses on renewable hydrogen fuel production

March 7, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

British Columbia Hydrogen Fuel Project

Hydrogen fuel production targeted as main focus of new project

FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has won a contract to demonstrate the capabilities of a new fuel cell energy system in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The fuel cell system will generate electrical power but will receive the hydrogen gas it uses from a nearby landfill. The gas acquired through the landfill will be purified by Quadrogen Power Systems into high quality hydrogen, which will then be used to generate renewable electrical power.

Renewable sources could solve some of the problems concerning hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen fuel has gained strong acclaim as a renewable energy, but its production has often been criticized for its inefficiency and the fact that fossil-fuels are consumed in most production methods. Producing hydrogen fuel through renewable sources, such as biomass or even solar energy, is considered a viable alternative to fossil-fuels, making production a much more efficient and environmentally friendly process.

Landfill gas may be a boon for the fuel cell industry

Through the project, FuelCell Energy aims to demonstrate the potential benefits of using hydrogen fuel cells as commercial energy systems. Utilities can make use of fuel cells to expand the availability of renewable energy to a country’s energy grid. This energy can also be provided at a lower cost to consumers due to the fact that it comes from renewable sources, like biogas. The project will be the first time FuelCell Energy will demonstrate the application of its Direct FuelCell technology with landfill gas. The company notes that landfill gas has major implications for the fuel cell industry and could help these energy systems become more viable in the current energy market.

Project to take form in coming months

The landfill of the City of Vancouver is already equipped with a gas collection system. Much of this gas currently goes unused, making the landfill an attractive location for the new project from FuelCell Energy. The company will have its new fuel cell system operational in the coming months and will begin providing information concerning the performance of the system by the end of the year.

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