New hydrogen fuel station opens in Japan’s Yamaguchi Prefecture

August 21, 2015 0 By Alicia Moore

Iwatani has built a hydrogen station in Shunan City

Japan’s Iwatani Corporation has announced the opening of a new hydrogen fuel station. The new station is the first commercial hydrogen refueling point that has been built in Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The station is meant to serve materials handling vehicles, but it may also serve as a way to keep passenger vehicles fueled with the hydrogen they need to operate. Such vehicles are becoming more common, especially with automakers like Toyota launching new fuel cell vehicles in the Japanese market.

Iwatani continues to expand the hydrogen infrastructure of Japan

Over the past few years, Iwatani has opened several hydrogen fuel station in different parts of Japan, including one in Tokyo, in order to support the growth of fuel cell vehicles of all types. In Yamaguchi, there are many chemical manufacturers that rely heavily on access to hydrogen in order to operate effectively. As such, Iwatani is looking to satisfy the growing demand for hydrogen and provide these companies, as well as the transportation sector, with the supply they need.

New fueling station to use liquefied hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Station in Shunan City, Yamaguchi PrefectureThe Yamaguchi Prefecture has consulted with Iwatani concerning the construction of the new hydrogen fuel station in Shunan City. Iwatani will be using a liquefied hydrogen production facility located in the city in order to provide fuel through the new station. The actual station is located at a wholesale market in Shunan City, where it will provide fuel for forklift trucks that are being tested in the market.

Japan’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure continues to experience aggressive expansion

Japan is home to a rapidly expanding hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Several automakers have been testing fuel cell vehicles in the country and the materials handling sector have been embracing hydrogen fuel quite aggressively. The Japanese government also has a strong interest in hydrogen, believing that it will lead to a more sustainable future for the country. The government has been investing quite heavily in the development of an expansive hydrogen infrastructure in order to ensure that fuel cells become a primary energy source for the country as a whole.

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