New project aims to produce hydrogen fuel using geothermal energy

May 6, 2015 0 By Alicia Moore

Project will tap into Japan’s geothermal energy potential to generate hydrogen fuel

A project that aims to produce liquid hydrogen fuel using geothermal energy is about to take off in Japan. Kawasaki Heavy Industries has partnered with Obayashi Corp. in order to launch a new project that could bolster the country’s supply of hydrogen by tapping into Japan’s considerable geothermal energy potential. The project will be taking place on the island of Iojima, in the Kagoshima Prefecture.

Japan is becoming more invested in hydrogen as it continues to embrace renewable energy

Japan is home to a great deal of geothermal potential, which the country has been developing for several years. This form of energy has become important as Japan continues to distance itself from fossil-fuels and nuclear power. Japan will be hosting the 2020 Olympic Games and this new project may go a long way in allowing the country to display how hydrogen fuel can be used as an effective renewable energy source that can serve as a primary source of power.

2020 Olympic Village will be powered by fuel cells

Geothermal energy to produce hydrogen fuelThe Tokyo government will be building an Olympic Village for those that will be competing in the Olympic Games in 2020. This village will serve as a temporary home for athletes and their associates, providing them a place to train and relax. It will also feature tourist destinations, including shops that will sell merchandise associated with the event. The Olympic Village will be completely powered by hydrogen fuel cells, making it the most environmentally friendly village of its kind in the history of the Olympic Games.

Efficient hydrogen production methods are becoming more important to Japan

Finding efficient ways to produce hydrogen is becoming more important for Japan. As the country prepares to show off its fuel cell technology and infrastructure to the world in 2020, the Japanese government is working to invest in the development of new production methods. Modern hydrogen production methods are considered expensive, inefficient, and somewhat unfriendly to the environment. Finding better production solutions are becoming important for those interested in using hydrogen fuel cells.

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