New ship powered by hydrogen fuel cells set to embark

New ship powered by hydrogen fuel cells set to embark

July 18, 2017 0 By Alicia Moore

New ship makes use of clean technology, including hydrogen fuel cells

A new boat equipped with hydrogen fuel cells has embarked on a six year voyage to highlight the capabilities of clean technology and how it can be used for transportation. Called the Energy Observer, the boat had once been used for racing. A team of 50 engineers, designers, and architects have refashioned the vessel to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells, solar panels, and even wind turbines. The boat will make several stops throughout the world on its global voyage.

Energy Observer will use solar and wind power during the day and its hydrogen fuel cells at night

The Energy Observer is 100-feet long and will rely primarily on its solar panels and wind turbines during the day. At night, however, the vessel will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which consume hydrogen to generate electrical power. The hydrogen that will be used by the fuel cells is produced through the electrolysis of seawater. According to the vessel’s developers, it is the first of its kind to combine various forms of renewable energy for the sake of operation. During its adventure, the Energy Observer will make 101 stopovers in 50 countries.

Fuel cells are gaining popularity in transportation

Hydrogen fuel cells are becoming more popular in the transportation space. This is largely due to their performance capabilities and the fact that these energy systems do not produce harmful emissions. These energy systems are somewhat expensive, however, which has slowed their adoption somewhat. Hydrogen fuel cells are quite rare in the world of sea travel, but these energy systems have been seeing use in conventional vehicles. These cars are being developed by some of the world’s largest automakers, many of whom are using hydrogen fuel cells to become more environmentally friendly.

New vessel to highlight the capabilities of clean technology

The Energy Observer is meant to showcase how clean technology can be used to power sea travel. Conventional vessels produce a significant amount of carbon emissions. As such, efforts are being made to make ships more environmentally friendly. Combining various forms of clean power may be the best way to accomplish this task.

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