New solar energy project seeks aid through crowdfunding

October 24, 2013 0 By Erin Kilgore

Crowdfunding could bring solar energy to schools

The Natural Resources Defense Council, a non-profit international environmental advocacy group, has turned to crowdfunding in order to support an initiative that intends to bring solar energy to schools. This is the first time that the organization has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Through the campaign, the Natural Resources Defense Council intends to raise awareness concerning the benefits of solar energy and how it can be used to reduce the environmental impact of schools as well as reduce their expenditure on fuel.

Campaign seeks to raise $54,000

The corwdfunding campaign seeks to raise some $54,000 through popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The money is meant to help the Natural Resources Defense Council install solar energy systems at as many as five schools. These schools have yet to be identified by the organization but will be revealed as the campaign progresses. One of the schools will actually be selected by contributors to the campaign, giving backers a chance to play a bigger role in the campaign overall.

Solar Energy FundingNew website aims to highlight the benefits of solar energy

As part of its campaign, the Natural Resources Defense Council has also developed a website that is meant to help schools understand the benefits of solar energy. The site is also designed to provide these schools with assistance in navigating the sometimes convoluted landscape of energy regulations. The site could help schools gain access to solar energy, as it provides them with tools and information highlighting the economic benefits of switching to clean power.

Renewable energy becoming more common on crowdfunding platforms

Renewable energy is relatively new to the crowdfundng space, but many projects have managed to win the support of consumers through platforms likes Indiegogo and Kickstarter over the past few years. Consumers seem quite willing to financially support renewable projects that they are interested in, especially if these projects are bringing clean power to communities in some way. Solar energy is beginning to establish a relatively strong presence in the crowdfunding space and has managed to gain popularity with consumers on various platforms.

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