New York lawmakers to address Solar Jobs Bill

New York lawmakers to address Solar Jobs Bill

June 14, 2012 0 By Alicia Moore

Green jobs

Clean energy continues to gain support throughout the U.S.

Solar energy continues to garner a great deal of support throughout the U.S. Many states are beginning to be won over by the potential economic benefits of alternative energy and have begun taking solar energy more seriously. In New York, a new legislation has emerged called the Solar Jobs Bill. The legislation aims to embolden the state’s economy by creating new, sustainable jobs in the field of solar energy. The prospective economical benefits of solar energy have drawn a great deal of support to the legislation.

Solar Jobs Bill aims to make New York a leader in solar energy

The Solar Jobs Bill is designed to promote the development of over 3,000 megawatts of solar energy systems throughout New York by 2021. The state receives over 200 days of sunlight a year and the legislation is looking to support solar panels that can harvest sunlight even on cloudy days. The solar energy systems supported by the legislation will be used to power homes and businesses throughout the state. Residents and businesses will be encouraged to adopt solar energy through a series of financial incentives that help reduce the cost of installations for these energy systems.

Legislation expected to create hundreds of new jobs

As the demand for solar energy installations grows, new jobs are expected to emerge for those with experience in construction and various other fields. The new solar energy systems will also require regular maintenance, which will spur solar energy companies into hiring new staff in order to accommodate the expected increase in new energy systems.

Lawmakers begin to show more support for the Solar Jobs Bill

The Solar Jobs Bill has been in the state’s Legislature for roughly three years. Lawmakers have shown interest in the adoption of solar energy, but have not been so eager to act upon the legislation. As the economic benefits of alternative energy begin to gain more attention, however, state legislators are beginning to take the matter more seriously. Nonetheless, Vote Solar, a California-based initiated aimed at promoting solar energy, has initiated a campaign to promote awareness of the legislation amongst New York voters.

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