New York to release blueprint concerning offshore wind energy development

August 10, 2016 0 By John Max

State will release a blueprint outlining plans to boost wind capacity

New York State is preparing to release a blueprint for its plans to develop offshore wind energy capacity. The blueprint aims to outline the development of some 1,430 wind turbines, which would be installed off of the coast of New Jersey and Rhode Island. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority notes that the blueprint will also describe the benefits that wind energy could bring to New York. Many of these benefits are economic in nature.

New York aims to collect information in order to improve wind development

The state also intends to collect information and feedback from stakeholders in the wind energy sector. Stakeholders include consumers, utilities, environmental groups, and various communities. Many have praised the potential of offshore wind energy systems, as they have the capability of producing more electrical power than their onshore counterparts. There are environmental concerns, however, as many groups have expressed worry over how offshore wind turbines will affect marine habitats during and after their installation. Feedback is vital to ensuring that new offshore wind energy projects take form.

Six locations hold promise for offshore wind farms

Offshore Wind Energy DevelopmentSix locations for offshore wind development have been identified and were revealed in April of this year. These sites will be subject to study, with the state hoping to better understand of how to develop offshore system in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Not all areas will become home for wind farms, but the most promising locations will be able to produce large quantities of electrical energy, which will be funneled back to the mainland.

New York could grow as a wind energy market if it taps into offshore resources

Some offshore wind energy projects have begun to make progress in New York. Some of these projects have recently won approval to begin construction within the coming year, while others are still in early stages of conceptual development. New York could quickly become a leading wind energy market if it takes advantage of its offshore resources. This could even place the state in direct competition with Texas, which is currently the leading wind power market in the United States.

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