J.B. Hunt bolsters sustainability efforts with Nikola trucks purchase

J.B. Hunt bolsters sustainability efforts with Nikola trucks purchase

August 4, 2023 0 By Erin Kilgore

The transport company will buy 13 Nikola zero-emission Class 8 trucks.

The new agreement made between J.B. Hunt Transport (Nasdaq: JBHT) and Nikola Corporation (Nasdaq: NKLA) will see the transport company purchase 13 Nikola trucks as part of J.B. Hunt’s efforts to lower the intensity of its carbon emissions and achieve its sustainability goals.

Three of the 13 trucks are powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

To start, J.B. Hunt will order ten battery-electric and three hydrogen fuel cell electric Nikola trucks. The trucks will be strategically located at facilities that serve the transport company’s key routes. Among these key servicing facilities include those in the greater Phoenix and Los Angeles areas.

The first Nikola truck zero-emission vehicles are expected to be delivered this month (August 2023), and Nikola’s hydrogen arm, HYLA, will supply the necessary hydrogen and refueling infrastructure.

“We are thrilled that the industry leader for supply-chain solutions has chosen our Nikola Class 8 battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks to use for their operations,” said Nikola CEO Michael Lohscheller in a recent company news release.

“Their purchase and use of these zero-emissions trucks are a testament to the hard work of our engineering, development and manufacturing teams, who created a robust, highly advanced truck lineup, as well as our HYLA hydrogen infrastructure solutions, which are designed to benefit companies such as J.B. Hunt.”

The Nikola trucks will help J.B. Hunt to decrease its environmental impact.

One of North America’s largest supply chain solutions providers, J.B. Hunt is committed to doing its part in driving the transportation industry toward a low-carbon future as well as lowering its carbon footprint.

Nikola Trucks - Carbon Footprint

Back in November 2022, J.B. Hunt set an ambitious target to lower carbon emission intensity 32% by 2034 (with a 2019 baseline). Integrating alternative powered equipment into its fleet – such as zero-emission Nikola trucks – is one of three key focus areas in achieving this target.

Over the past ten years, J.B. Hunt’s intermodal service has helped prevent an estimated 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions from over-the-road truck transportation.

J.B. Hunt is at the “forefront of new technologies”.

hydrogen news ebook“It’s important for us to be at the forefront of new technologies and innovative solutions that have the potential to change the way we move freight,” said Nick Hobbs, J.B. Hunt COO and president of contract services.

Hobbs added that the zero-emission Nikola trucks advance J.B. Hunt’s progress toward reaching their ambitious goal “to reduce carbon emission intensity through viable solutions.”

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