North America delegates funds to hydrogen fuel cell research

North America delegates funds to hydrogen fuel cell research

May 3, 2011 0 By Stephen Vagus

More governments around the world are recognizing the promise of hydrogen fuel.

As environmental issues become a case for concern among many, the need for breaking the world’s addiction to oil has never been more paramount. While other alternative fuels, such as solar and wind power, have proven to be viable options, none can produce electricity on par with hydrogen fuel cells. Because of this, more nations are investing in fuel cells and incorporating them into one of the most fundamental aspects of their society: Transportation.

The government of Manitoba will be investing $1 million into the development of a new fuel cell that will be used in the buses of their transportation system. Premier Greg Selinger wants a product that will, one day, be used throughout North America. Selinger wants to establish Manitoba as a leader in the race to incorporate alternative fuels, and the investment may go a long way if it catches the attention of the notable fuel cell manufacturers.

Manitoba is part of a larger project aimed at establishing hydrogen as a fuel of choice.

Among the participants of the project is Winnipeg based bus manufacturer New Flyer Industries. New Flyer has a long history with building hybrid and hydrogen powered vehicles and may play a pivotal role in Selinger plan for hydrogen.

Hydrogen fuel cells are largely being considered as the future for the transportation industry. They are already used in a massive number of buses all over the world and this trend is likely to continue as nations become ever more environmentally conscious.

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