TechnipFMC to build and trial offshore green hydrogen production project

TechnipFMC to build and trial offshore green hydrogen production project

January 12, 2021 0 By John Max

The company will head a consortium for the construction and testing of this renewable energy system.

TechnipFMC has announced that it is leading a consortium composed of some of the largest renewables players, in order to build and test a new offshore green hydrogen production system.

The pilot project has been named Deep Purple and has Innovation Norway’s financial support.

The Deep Purple offshore green hydrogen production system was designed to make it possible for TechnipFMC to ready the facility for commercial use on a large scale. Among those participating in the consortium are Repsol, DNV GL, NEL, Vattenfall, ABB, UMOE, and Slåttland. The consortium also has substantial support by research companies, academia, and clusters, said a recent Energy Voice report.

The Deep Purple project was first created in 2016. Since that time, it has enjoyed the support of the Research Council of Norway. This support was particularly critical throughout the earlier stages of the project.

The project will make it possible for TechnipFMC to keep developing offshore green hydrogen systems.

The project, worth an estimated €9 million, will make it possible for TechnipFMC to continue its development of advanced renewable energy systems, particularly in terms of offshore wind combined with the production of green H2. Green hydrogen is seeing increasing interest and demand from a world seeking to rapidly but affordably reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to meet climate change targets. It also involves further development and trialling of an advanced form of advisory and control system, in addition to a dynamic process simulator, said the report.

“Securing the approvals and funding to proceed with a scale pilot is a critical step in the path to commercialization,” said TechnipFMC president subsea Jonathan Landes. “We are grateful to our partners and to Innovation Norway for collaborating with us as we advance sustainable renewables production.”

While discussing the project, Landes went on to underscore the importance of the offshore green hydrogen project. He pointed to Deep Purple as an illustration of TechnipFMC’s commitment to Offshore green hydrogen - wind turbine on waterworking within the industry and with its clients for the development of “transformative technologies, leveraging our industry know-how and subsea expertise to serve the Energy Transition.”

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