Offshore wind energy gains ground in the US

August 7, 2013 0 By Angie Bergenson

US offshore wind energy may soon become a reality

It may still be several years before offshore wind energy systems begin taking form in the U.S., but the land that these systems require is beginning to be auctioned off. The federal government has begun leasing land to project developers that have ambitious plans for offshore wind energy. One such developer is Deepwater Wind, which is the provisional winner of two leases encompassing a 10-mile area off the coast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Deepwater Wind wins leases for development land

Deepwater Wind bid $3.8 million for both leases, shutting out two competition companies that had plans for offshore wind energy projects. The leases were auctioned off by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, which is part of the Department of the Interior. The agency suggests that offshore wind energy could be a major boon for the country, providing the U.S. with an effective way to reduce its use of fossil-fuels.

U.S. Offshore Wind EnergyOffshore wind energy has yet to take form in the country

There are no offshore wind energy systems currently active in the U.S., but several of these systems are beginning to take form around the country. Deepwater Wind is one of several companies that are involved in the development of these systems. The Department of the Interior is currently auctioning off more leases for development areas off the shores of Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Virginia. New leases for these development areas are to be auctioned off in September.

Wind continues to receive strong support from US government

Wind energy has managed to become a staple for the U.S. While the country still receives the majority of its energy through the use of fossil-fuels, wind and solar energy have begun to cut into the country’s reliance on oil and coal. Wind energy currently receives strong backing from the U.S. government in the form of the Production Tax Credit. This provides wind energy developers with financial aid that can take their projects from concept to reality.

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